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Mud Tanks with Highly Customized- Solvedrilling

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General speaking, as the basic part for the whole solid control system, there is no need to give more words to disciple mud tank’s importance. Just as what we can see, mud tank is made of steel material; it is used to storage waste water or some other wastes. Mud tank is not a single one; it always comes with 3-5 tanks for the whole solid control system.

Besides mud tank, we need have a general talk about solid control system. Normally, in oil & gas drilling field, the solid control system is consisting of five main parts, they are " shale shaker, de-sander, vacuum degasserde-silter and VFD decanter centrifuge (in some special working fields, their need use hydraulic centrifuge for a better working efficiency) ". Sometimes the de-sander & de-silter can be combined as mud cleaner. Besides above solid control equipment, a whole complete solid control system also includes mud tanks (3-5 mud tanks normally), sand pump, mud mixer, agitator, vertical slurry pump, shearing pump, mud gun etc.

We can have a general impression by the following picture of a whole complete solid control system. Do not ignore the mud tanks.

Solvedrilling as the professional solid control manufacture and wins the leading role in China mainland, we could provide you highly customized mud tanks and the whole solid control system solutions.

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