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Why You Need Drilling Waste Management Unit?

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This day when I searched the information on my Instagram, I found a picture about oil drilling field, from which I could not see some friendly viewing, what I could see was the dirty and pollution. At that moment, a question came into my head: why this situation will come out again even if there are many ways to prevent it happens? 

I can’t find the right answer to persuade me, because about the solution, I know there is a kind of unit could prevent the pollution’s occurring. The unit is: Drilling waste management unit. 

Drilling Waste Management Unit-Solvedrilling

Drilling waste management unit is a whole system and solution for the oil drilling works pollution. For a whole unit, there are cutting dryer, VFD decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud tank, mud cleaner, screw pump, screw conveyor, etc. maybe you will say the equipment you mentioned are all solid control equipment. Yes, they are, but when we group them together, we will turn out to be drilling waste management unit. 

For a whole drilling waste management unit, the core equipment is cutting dryer and VFD decanter centrifuge. As a professional manufacture of solid control system and drilling waste management unit, Solvedrilling could provide the whole equipment, whatever the unit needs. 

Solvedrilling solid control system

After we talked the drilling waste management unit and its equipment, let’s come back to the topic: 

why you need drilling waste management unit? 

The answer is very clearly, for we need this unit to prevent unnecessary pollution, to try our best to protect the environment around the oil drilling fields. On the other hand, with the mind of protection environment are growing stronger and stronger, lots of oil drilling service companies have the mind and are acting. I think they know make money is important, for companies; while environment protection is more important, for whole society and human. 

That’s the answer, and that's why you need drilling waste management unit.
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