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What’re the Core Components of a Solid Control System?

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What’re the core components of a solid control system? With the development of the oil drilling field, most of the service companies need a whole solution of solid control system. Before we talk about solid control system, I think we can have a understand solid control or solid control equipment. 

Solid Control System - Solvedrilling

Generally speaking, solids control could be used as a technique to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drilling bits for a drilling rig. Of course, we need more solids control equipment to work together to finish the work of separating the solids in the drilling fluids. Such as sand pump, mud tank, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, etc. 

Normally, a kind of complete solid control system will always contain five stages or flows: they are the mud tank, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner (or desander, desilter) and decanter centrifuge. When we get them gather and work-test smoothly, we can say it’s a kind of solid control system. 

The core equipment for the solid control system is just the one for the each of the five stages. For example: shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in the fluids processing system, it could remove solids and cuttings with diameter over 75μm from the drilling fluids brought up from the wells. After that, the treated fluids flow into the mud tank for next stage of the solid control system. 

With the discussion of the core components of solid control system, we could get a conclusion that shale shaker (with shaker screen), mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge (which is also the core equipment of drilling waste management unit), sand pump, mud agitator, etc. are the core parts for a whole solid control system. 

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