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WestPetro Solid Control System Manufactured for India Drilling

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What is the solid control? 

Generally speaking, we always call it as “solid control system”, which is commonly used in oil drilling fields to improving our working efficiency. As the professional solid control system manufacturer, WestPetro solid control system is not the same with Halliburton solids control and Mi-Swaco solids control. The most special features for WestPetro solid control system are that we could not only provide the item with the same function with Halliburton or Mi-Swaco solids control, but also with reasonable and completive price for your budgets. 

Now let’s come back to our topic about WestPetro XZ8 solid control system for India Drilling fields. We got the purchase information about 2 months ago, because of there are many parts and equipment need to customize for matching customers demands, we take much efforts to reach the goal and packaged to shipping port on time. 

From the following picture of the solid control system, we could find there is several core solid control equipment in this items. General, there are mud tank, sand pump, shale shaker, VFD decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, mud agitator & mixing hopper for the solid control system. Each of the equipment will play an unequal role for the whole drilling work. 

westpetro solid control system for India

Core solid control equipment for this XZ8 Solid Control System 

Sand pump in solid control system is used for pumping the mud between the tanks and equipment. 

WestPetro sand pump

Mud mixing hopper is used to mix the mud or adding chemicals to the mud. 

WestPetro mud mixing hopper

VFD decanter centrifuge & shale shaker is used to separate the mud solids from the drilling fields or drilling wells. They are both core equipment manufactured for over 10 years, and they could be used individually or together in solid control system. 

Vacuum degasser is a device used in drilling to remove gasses from drilling fluid which could otherwise form bubbles. It works for security the whole oil drilling fields, the same for solid control system. 

Mud tank is a kind of basic equipment for solid control system; all of other equipment are mounted on the mud tank. On the other hand, mud tank also plays an important role to collect the waste solid and mud. With the help of mud agitator, the solids could be separated by decanter centrifuge easily. Mud tank is a temporary storage tanks for the mud 

The XZ8 Solid Control System will be packaged and delivered to Shanghai Port today, as the original manufacture of solid control system; WestPetro will also provide the full after sale service, including the technical support for our partners. Please feel free to contact us for more details information about solid control system. WestPetro is always here to support your special demands.
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