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WestPetro Balanced Elliptical ZS T-1C Shale Shaker for Russian Oil & Gas Company

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Russian oil & gas company is our WestPetro important cooperator in solid control system and drilling waste management unit, we have get the bid from Russian to help them build the whole customized drilling waste management unit, which may take 3 months to finish it. 

Yesterday, we have finished the balanced elliptical ZS T-1C Shale Shaker and get ready to ship to Shanghai Port. In this PO list, besides the shale shaker, this is another solid control equipment, vertical pump (just as the following picture shows).

 WestPetro Vertical Pump

Just as our webpage shows that, the LSB serial vertical pump is a feeding pump designed and manufactured according to special requirements of installation. The LSB Vertical pumps are applicable to deliver corrosive drilling fluid (with suspended particulates) or other liquid media under similar work condition. It is mainly used in limited area and as feed pump of centrifuge. We have 9 modes of LSB100 and LSB2x3 which are suitable for power grids of 50Hz and 60Hz. To some extent, vertical pump plays an important role in the whole solid control system.

 WestPetro Balanced Elliptical Shale Shaker

Come back to the main equipment this post focus on, the Balanced Elliptical ZS T-1C Shale Shaker. The super balanced elliptical shale shaker incorporates an Italian vibrator engine that enables it to function at an outstanding degree with the dual-motion shaker. It incorporates linear technology and balanced elliptical movement technology in solids elimination effectiveness.

 WestPetro Balanced Elliptical ZS T-1C Shale Shaker

If you are interested in our solid control system or drilling waste management unit or just the solid control equipment, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you amazing solution service.

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