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Vacuum Degassers Are Readying for Russia Project

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We talked vacuum degasser in last post called Vacuum Degasser for Oil Drilling Fields. In that post, we talked some idea about our two kinds of vacuum degasser and their functions. In this post, we will share our vacuum degassers’ marketing show: Before we delivery our vacuum degasser to port for Russia project, our Russia customer come to our factory to check and accept the four pieces of vacuum degasser. 

As the professional solid control system manufacturer, and vacuum degasser as the most important equipment for whole solid control system & oil drilling fields, we can provide different 3 types and models with different motor power needs, there are ZSCQ120, ZSCQ180 and ZSCQ240 vacuum degassers for your choose. Besides the high quality guaranteed and best full after sale service, we could also provide all spare parts for the vacuum degasser. You will not take time to find the reasonable spare parts for your broken vacuum degasser. Please be attention, here the broken just means some spare parts broken, not the whole equipment broken, just as you know, it is not easy to be broken with the high quality guaranteed. 

And now, we have applied API to give our vacuum degasser, and the whole other solid control equipment, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, sand pump, mud tank, etc. With the API certificates, you can have more confidence to cooperate with us. 

About vacuum degasser, you could find the two different models as following: 

Vertical vacuum degasser

Horizontal vacuum degasser

Please feel free to contact us if you have any interested in our solid control equipment, we will be there to support your any demands.

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