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Solvedrilling Solid Control System Deserves Your Choice

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In the last post “Why You Need Drilling Waste Management Unit”, we talked about the importance and necessary of the drilling waste management unit in our oil drilling works. As its close friend, solid control system is also a necessary and important part in the whole oil and gas drilling fields. Today we would like to talk something about this topic: 

Why you need solid control system? Why the Solvedrilling solid control system deserves your choice? 

Solid control system is newly designed and manufactured by WestPetro. As a 16 years factory focusing on solid control equipment and drilling waste management unit, we know that solid control system means much more for an oil drilling field. Many times, we got the information about low work efficacy, that’s why we made a decision to design and manufacture good-used solid control system. 

Here we have a video about solid control system; I think you will get a better understanding about Solvedrilling solid control system after you watched the video. Here we go with the video. 

Solid control system

What the video saying is what we are and going to practice. We know the importance of the solid control system for a drilling field, we know the importance of high working efficacy, and we know we can solve these questions when we saw our solid control system tested successfully. 

We all think this is our task; this is our mind, that’s why we are always keeping creative and energy to work for solid control system. 

Drilling Solid Control System

However, maybe you even do not have a cleaner idea about what’s the solid control system. Here I will share the basic concept about WestPetro solid control system. 

Generally speaking, solid control system is consisted by solid control equipment, they are mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud tank, sand pump, shale shaker with shaker screen, VFD decanter centrifuge, etc. the big difference between solid control system and drilling waste management unit, is the cutting dryer, which is the special equipment, only matched with drilling waste management unit. 

drilling waste management unit

Maybe you will say it’s so simple, it’s just gathered the different solid control equipment together… Here I must to say what they are watching is too simple, the whole system needs our engineers work hardly to reach the goals, it needs to test again and again, and it’s not the simple or easy as you can say. 

That’s what we wanna share this day about solid control system. On the other hand, you could find more video information about solid control system on YouTube and more posts about drilling waste management unit in Solvedrilling News. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about solid control system and drilling waste management unit. 

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