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General Information of Solvedrilling Mexico Exhibition Trip

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Life, business and travel are always a closed relationship in our working life, no apartment. Just as our exhibitions. 

April 24th, 2015, Solvedrilling attended Mexico Exhibition on Oil Industry. Just like I say above, it’s business, and it’s also a trip or travel, which ups to you. 

Solvedrilling Mexico Oil Exhibition

For the Mexico Oil Exhibition, Solvedrilling brought our latest samples of shaker screen, sand pump, etc. because of our large size solid control equipment, we have prepared details magazine to introduce our newly units, they are latest manufactured drilling waste management unit, which consisted of vertical cutting dryer, screw pump, mud cleaner, screw conveyor, sand pump, mud tank, decanter centrifuge, etc. Drilling waste management unit could not only provide you high efficiency drilling work, but also bring a guarantee for protecting the drilling field environment, which means more important than you ever image.

Besides the drilling waste management, Solvedrilling could also provide you the whole solid control system, which contains more solid control equipment, such as sand pump, decanter centrifuge, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, etc. I’d like to give more details about Solvedrilling solid control system in the next post, while you can find more information about this system here. 

Besides the exhibition, it is the life, it is the travel. After the Mexico Oil Exhibition, we have the chance to visit the old culture country. I have little knowledge about the history of Mexico, so I think the pictures are the best guide.

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