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Solid Control System Video Show - Solvedrilling

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These days, we have made and uploaded some videos about our solid control system and drilling waste management (unit) on Solvedrilling Channel and WestPetro Channel by Youtube. Here we wanna share some of these videos so that our visitors could have a better way to know and learn Solvedrilling. 

Solid Control System - Solvedrilling

First, we wanna share video about solid control system. Just as you know, solid control system is a great way to improve the effective of oil drilling work. Generally speaking, there are five stages or parts the solid control system contains, they are decanter centrifuge, shale shaker (with shaker screen), vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, and other equipment (such as mud tank, desander, desilter). 

The five parts could be individual, while when you gathered the five parts, they could work smoothly and effectively, and then we can simply say that we created a solid control system. Please be attention, this is just a simple definition, it would be more difficult than you can image for a real and successfully solid control system. 

Here we just list a video about the LW355 VFD decanter centrifuge, which is the core solid control equipment for the whole system. Normally, we will prepare 3-5 pieces decanter centrifuge for a solid control system. We will list the system’s video on YouTube when we finish it.  

LW355 VFD Decanter Centrifuge Video Show - Solvedrilling

Besides the decanter centrifuge’s video, we have finished the video of drilling waste management (unit). As a drilling waste management (unit) company in China, Solvedrilling is the one to provide containing both the whole system and drilling waste management solutions. Besides this, we could also provide the full after-sale service support, just for a reasonable cooperation relationship. 

We will list the video of Solvedrilling drilling waste management (unit) in our next post. Thanks for your attention. 

If you have any question or interesting about our solid control system, please feel free to contact us for a detail talk or information.

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