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Solid Control System, More than Equipment - Solvedrilling

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Last post, we talked about video of solid control system. To be frank, we will make and share more videos about our solid control system and equipment for providing you a better way to learn Solvedrilling. Yes, when we talked about Solvedrilling solid control system, we must to say: 

Solid Control System, More than Equipment. 

Why we talk like this? Just like the art comes from real life, to some extent, solid control system could be understood as a combination of solid control equipment, and it is, indeed. When you see a complete solid control system, you will find there is a lot of solid control equipment: mud cleanershale shaker with shaker screen, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, sand pump, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, etc. if we wanna understand the whole solid control system as simple as we will, it is just a combination of solid control equipment, which we mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. 

Solvedrilling solid control system

We are always thinking about how to learn and know solid control system for our visitors and potential users more easily and visually. Finally, we try to make some videos about our products and shared them on YouTube, spuriously, they worked well and then we decided to make more and higher quality videos for our system, especially for our solid control system and drilling waste management (unit). 

Here following the latest solid control system video, please enjoy it with the light background music. 

Solid Control System - More than Equipment

In the last post, we mentioned that we will share a video about our drilling waste management (unit), yes, we have prepared the drilling waste management video, but we will not show you today, maybe tomorrow, for this day is only for our latest solid control system. Just as we wrote above, Solvedrilling Solid Control System, which is more than equipment. Yes, it is. Solvedrilling solid control system has reached the goal and deserves it.

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