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Several solid control equipment is waiting for shipping

Posted by:WestPetro    Time:2015-04-16     click:

We are very glad that the products of solid control equipment for UAE supplier will be shipped this day, just as the pictures showed that the products are on the trunk already. 

In this purchase order, we have provided our UAE customers basic solid control equipment, they are mix hopper, mud agitator, mud gun, etc. they are large in numbers, but small in volume. As a leadership in solid control equipment field in China, WestPetro wins a popular appreciate by our high quality, advanced technology and comprehensive after-sales service. Now WestPetro wanna share our high-quality products with the whole world, such as Russian, UAE, Indian, Thailand, etc. 

Besides the above mentioned equipment, we could provide more solid control equipment, even our new designed solid control system. In 2015, we have updated the technology of our shale shaker series, which will provide you a better and smoothly working effort. Till now we can provide Linear Motion shale shaker and Balanced Elliptical shale shaker for meeting your different needs. 

We do not know which order will excite us, but we believe next one will be. 

If you are interested in our solid control equipment, please feel free to contact us, WestPetro will provide you full service and high quality guaranteed certifiably.
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