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Mud Cleaner V.S Vacuum Degasser, Which is the Better Solid Control Equipment

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We do not talk about video about WestPetro solid control system or equipment; here we wanna talk more details about WestPetro mud cleaner and vacuum degasser. Maybe you will ask a question like: 

" Which is the better solid control equipment between mud cleaner and vacuum degasser?

 "Mud Cleaner - WestPetro

To be frank, oilfield mud cleaner and vacuum degasser are both important equipment for a whole solid control system, they are always playing important function in our oil drilling fields’ work. It’s really hard to say which is better, if you insisted to do this. 

For WestPetro mud cleaner, as a 16 years original manufacture focusing on solid control equipment, mud cleaner bearded the test of time. For the abroad oil drilling projects, WestPetro mud cleaner always win a popular by our partners, and it is deserved it for high quality guarantee. On the other hand, we could provide extra shaker screen for mud cleaner, which could provide you a more comfortable use experience. 

Vacuum degasser - WestPetro

About vacuum degasser, it is also kind of old and time-tested solid control equipment, which is also necessary equipment for a whole solid control system. In WestPetro products system, there are two style of vacuum degasser; they are vertical vacuum degasser and horizontal degasser. The two type vacuum degasser could meet your different needs, especially for the hard oil drilling environment. 

If we come back to the question mentioned above, frankly, it is really hard to choose which is the better one for a solid control system, on the other words, we must to say, they are necessary parts for your solid control system, and they will meet your special needs in the oil drilling fields. 

That’s our idea about the question: they are both important for your solid control system, indeed.
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