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Mud Cleaner, a Kind Combination of De-sander and Shale Shaker

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As an important part for a whole solid control system, mud cleaner is more and more important for the oil drilling field. Generally speaking, mud cleaner is a kind of combination of de-sander and shake shaker, which means it owns the function of de-sander and shale shaker. Of course, if we choose vacuum degasser as a partner with mud cleaner, they will play a big function in our oil drilling works. 

Mud cleaner - Solvedrilling

So here we will share the video of Mud Cleaner, just as we said earlier, video is the best way for you to know our products and service, so we will provide more and more videos about solid control system, video drilling waste management unit and full service. Whatever we do is not important, the point one is that you can learn more about our service and solid control equipment, which means more for us. 

Now please click the mud cleaner video (which is called: mud cleaner, a must one in solid control system ) below and watch it, we believe that you will know more about this kind of QJ Series Mud Cleaner. 

Mud Cleaner, A must one in Solid Control System 

After the video, we wanna share more about Solvedrilling mud cleaner, and the specification comes here as following. 


QJ Series Mud Cleaner

Diameter of the de-sander

250 or 300

Quantity of the de-sander

2 or 3

Diameter of the de-siter

100or 125

Quantity of the de-siter

12,16 or 20


3000 – 31000kg


3065 x 1920 x 2670

Notes: more shale shakers can be chosen to match this kind of mud cleaner; they are ZS/Z-1, ZS/Z-2, ZS/T-1C, etc. 

If you are interested in Solvedrilling mud cleaner, or its close partner vacuum degasser, please feel free to contact us for more details. Of course, there are more solid control system and solid control equipment for you to choose. Solvedrilling is always here to service and support you.

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