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LL700 Cutting Dryer's First Show In Russia Oil Exhibition

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WestPetro Sales Manager in Russian Oil Exhibition

After the 15th Russia Oil Exhibition in 23rd June, WestPetro has finished the LL700 vertical cutting dryer’s first show in Russia. We are so surprised by the beyond expecting in Russia marketing, our customers are all interested in our LL700 vertical cutting dryer. 

With the development of society, we have a big mind about environment protection. In oil drilling fields, the service companies are also paying more attention about the environment protection. Logically, they need an equipment or system to help them solve the problem of protecting drilling environment. Luckily, WestPetro vertical cutting dryer is the one could solve the problem. 

WestPetro vertical cutting dryer contains two different models; they are LL700 vertical cutting dryer and LL915 VFD cutting dryer. At the same time, the LL915 VFD cutting dryer is also the necessary one for the whole drilling waste management unit, which is the core system in WestPetro. 

You can find details information about LL915 vertical cutting dryer by click this keyword: LL915 vertical cutting dryer .

LL915 Cutting Dryer

There is another topic I want to share here is that how about the screen of the cutting dryer, which is also the common question asked by Russian customers. To be frank, the screen is designed by us, the final tested result is higher than the highest level in the same industry, of course, the most solid control equipment in WestPetrol will accept such hard test before package, such as mud cleaner, mud tank, vacuum degasser, etc; however, there are still a distance with the highest level of international. Luckily, we have formed a team with American professors, who are focusing in shaker screen over 20 years; WestPetro has made a big decision to make an amazing screen for our latest cutting dryer. In another words, you can use our vertical cutting dryer or even the drilling waste management unit with confidence. 

With end of the Russia Oil Exhibition, we also end our vertical cutting dryer’s first show in Russia. The next steps work will come to our side, we are also prepared for them, just go go fighting. On the other hand, if you are interested in WestPetro LL700 vertical cutting dryer or LL915 VFD cutting dryer, even the drilling waste management unit and solid control system, please feel free to contact us for more details information. We are always here to support your needs.

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