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How to Choose A Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer?

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In our daily working day, some friends always ask me about how to choose a decanter centrifuge manufacturer. Of course, this is really a hard question.

Generally speaking, decanter centrifuge series contains RFD decanter centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge and FHD decanter centrifuge (which is also called hydraulic centrifuge), different kind of centrifuge plays a different role and function in our oil drilling fields. Here the question is: how to choose a decanter centrifuge manufacture to provide us high quality centrifuges?

VFD decanter centrifuge - solvedrilling

Not the same with mud cleaner or vacuum degasser, there are more technologies for researching and manufacturing a decanter centrifuge. So you will find it is harder than you image when you are beginning to find a decanter centrifuge manufacture. However, Solvedrilling do not think this is a trouble, for we can provide you the whole service solution, contains RFD/VFD decanter centrifuge and FHD decanter centrifuge, besides these, Solvedrilling will provide you full after sale service and technical support, the things we do is just for providing you a satisfied decanter centrifuge and full service.

FHD Hydraulic decanter centrifuge-Solvedrilling

Here are 3 points about how to choose a decanter centrifuge manufacture.

1. Check max rotation speed of bowl. Generally speaking, different kind of centrifuge carries different bowl speed. For example, our LW355 RFD and VFD decanter centrifuge owns the max speed of bowl 3400r/min, which is an outstanding one.

2. Please check the G-force. G-force is a kind of core strength for your decanter centrifuge, the higher, and the better. For our decanter centrifuges, their G-force comes from 1558-1798-2035-3180; different kinds of G-force will meet your different needs.

3. Pay more attention to the motors. There are two elements you should consider, they are rated power and rated speed. Usually, Solvedrilling decanter centrifuge could provide you 30kw rated power and 1470r/min rated speeds, which are for main motor, just as you know, decanter centrifuge owns two motors commonly, they are main motor and auxiliary motor.

The above three points are the necessary tips about how to choose a decanter centrifuge, when you found a manufacture provides a centrifuge could meet the above items, I must to say, congratulations, you find a suitable decanter centrifuge manufacture. 

Obviously, Solvedrilling is the right one of decanter centrifuge manufacture.


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