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Drilling Waste Management Unit: How Much Do You Know about It?

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Today I will share a video about WestPetro Drilling Waste Management unit, which is the newest researched and manufactured by WestPetro, and has been served in India Oil drilling field and Russia oil development field (please check the post: Here Comes the First WestPetro Drilling Waste Management Unit for more related information). The most important thing is that our drilling waste management unit works well and does a great help in environment protection of the oil drilling fields.

 Drilling waste management unit

Just as we mentioned in last post, we wanna find a reasonable way to let our visitors and partners learn and know WestPetro better, and video is the better way for us now. When I wanna show our latest drilling waste management unit, the first image in my head is a video, I need make a video about drilling waste management unit to show with our partners. That’s why we have a desire to make a better video. 

In my daily work, I always get the messages from my partners, they said they purchased our drilling waste management unit/system, but they know little about the unit. For most of them are trading business, they focus their time on marketing, not products, it’s common for them to know little about our drilling waste management unit. This’s the second reason for us to make a decision to make videos, just let our partners know more about our drilling waste management unit. 

Here comes the video first, please check the bottom to watch it. 

Solvedrilling drilling waste management unit

From the video we can clearly watch the whole drilling waste management unit/system, we can cleanly know the whole unit contains vertical cutting dryer, mud cleaner, VFD decanter centrifuge, sand pump, screw pump, screw conveyor, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, etc. to be frank, most of these equipment belongs solid control equipment, which is the core part for a whole solid control system (you can find the related video for solid control system and project show in Russia). Whatever, as the original manufacture by focusing on solid control system/equipment and drilling waste management unit/system, WestPetro is and will be always put High Quality as the first place. Not matter for a single part, or a whole system/unit, WestPetro will provide you the best quality and full after-sale service, that’s our task.

The above words are mainly talked about WestPetro drilling waste management unit, we make video about the unit, just wanna you could have a better way to understand it and know it more. In the next post, we will share video of mud cleaner, in which you will find a different mud cleaner from WestPetro. 

Expecting it please.

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