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What's the Difference of RFD Decanter Centrifuge and VFD Decanter Centrifuge?.

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There are 3 RFD decanter centrifuges and 6 shear pumps are on the trunk and waiting for delivering to Shanghai Port, and then for our Russia partners. Just as you can see via following pictures: 

RFD Decanter centrifuge

What’s the difference between RFD decanter centrifuge and VFD decanter centrifuge? 

Solvedrilling Shear Pump

Just as you know, we could provide RFD decanter centrifuge and VFD decanter centrifuge; there is a big difference between this two type centrifuges. 

About VFD decanter centrifuge, it comes with an individual control cabinet, with the help of this control cabinet; the VFD decanter centrifuge could use different power to meet different drilling situations. 

While for the RFD decanter centrifuge, its control cabinet is designed and fixed on the centrifuge body, on the other hand, the RFD decanter centrifuge could just provide a one fixed power to meet your fixed need. 

Shear Pump and Decanter centrifuge

Through the comparison, we could find there is really existed a big difference between the RFD and VFD decanter centrifuge. At the same time, VFD decanter centrifuge is also important equipment for our solid control system and drilling waste management unit, which means in these two big systems, we will choose VFD decanter centrifuge as first, for it could provide more for our oil drilling fields’ needs. 

About shear pump, it is also a necessary party for the whole solid control system. As one of solid control equipment, shear pump is used less than sand pump, and I think there would be an amazing PK. Between shear pump and sand pump, maybe in the next post, I will share these two solid control equipment’s PK information. 

Anyway, not matter the RFD decanter centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge or shear pump, sand pump, even mud cleaner, I just wanna say they are all in a group – solid control system group or drilling waste management unit group. The whole system will not work if some of the equipment less. For a whole system, they are all equal; they are all important and indispensable. 

That’s what I wanna say.

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