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What’s the Difference between Solid Control System and Drilling Waste Management Unit?

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WestPetro Solid Control System

Do you know what the important things are for oil drilling fields? Maybe there are two things we should consider, one is how to improve oil drilling work efficiency, and the other one is how to protect the environment around the oil drilling fields. Today WestPetro want to share our ideas about solving the two questions. When we prepare to answer the two questions, we will mention two system: solid control system and drilling waste management unit.

Firstly, we come to how to improve work efficiency in oil drilling works.

Generally speaking, there are many ways to reach this goal, at the same time, with the development of oil drilling fields, more and more new products come into our life and work, high quality and high tech to provide a high efficiency oil drilling works. About this question, WestPetro gives our own answer - Solid Control System.

WestPetro solid control system, which is also called mud system, you can use them in any kind of oil drilling fields. Why I said our solid control system or mud system could solve the problem of work efficiency? The reason is that our solid control system is constituted of high quality solid control equipment, such as mud tank, shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, shaker screen, vacuum degasser, sand pump, etc. Usually, if we just use single solid control equipment, maybe the work efficiency will be lower than our expectation; while if we use newly technology to combine the different solid control equipment together, and test them until working smoothly, we must to say we have reached the goal of improving oil drilling work’s efficiency. That’s why WestPetro Solid Control System could provide you a high work efficiency guarantee.

Second, how to protect the environment around our oil drilling fields?

WestPetro drilling waste management unit

Just as we know, with the development of society, people have a strong mind about environment protection; we all know the importance of environment-friendly or eco-environment, we all know the importance to balance the economy development and environment protection, which is the same to our oil drilling works.

WestPetro know the importance of drilling environment protection, and then we have researched and manufactured our latest equipment - vertical cutting dryer, which is the core equipment for our drilling waste management unit (it is also called drilling cuttings management system). There are two types of vertical cutting dryers; they are LL700 vertical and LL900 vertical cutting dryer. Different models could meet your multiple demands in oil drilling works, especially for environment protection during the oil drilling works. BTW, besides the cutting dryers, there are also some other important equipment for the whole drilling waste management unit, such as decanter centrifuge, screw pumps, sand pump, screw conveyor, mud tank, etc. the whole solid control equipment could be combated together via new technology, and then provide an amazing working results, such as good environment protection.

Vertical cutting dryer onsite picture

The above two points are about WestPetro solid control system and drilling waste management unit, they are two different types system or unit, but they are the same in some extent. You could find the difference between the two systems, while you can also find the similar points between them.

No matter the solid control system/mud system, or drilling waste management unit, they are the big success for WestPetro in 2014-2015, more and more customers and partners choose these two systems used into their overseas oil drilling platforms. Anyway, WestPetro solid control system and drilling waste management unit are born to improve your oil drilling work efficiency and protect the oil drilling fields environment.

At the same time, WestPetro has taken LL700 vertical cutting dryer to Russia to attend the Russia 2015 Oil Show MIOGE Exhibition; you can find the post about this topic: WestPetro LL700 Vertical Cutting Dryer on Russia Oil Exhibition Show.

WestPetro LL700 cutting dryer in Russia Oil Exhibition

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