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You Know The Definition of Sand Pump?

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The lining of the sand pump divided into wear-resistant metal box and wear-resisting rubber. Furthermore, injecting high pressure water into the sliding parts of the pump, in case of the mud into the sliding parts. This type of sand pump can use into the transportation for the coarse grained solid liquid with the including particle size more than 48 mesh.

Long time ago, artificial for mining ore appeared in China. In 1673, there are some people used near mountain natural water sources, digging gutter, draw or channel water to

draw or channel water to rush for placer. In 1929, people used spray sand pump to mine in Shuiyanbasha tin ore in Guangxi Province, used natural water pressure to mine in Wanggaosha tin ore to equip hydroelevator to mine, which saved the electricity with the good economic effect. After 1949, hydraulic mining of placer developed to tungsten titanium ore, columbite-tantalite, zircon, diamond and so on from tin and gulch-gold, even used hydraulic mining clay. The diggings which was mined by hydraulic mining, its construction time is short, with less investment, simple equipment, high productivity, low cost, quick effect of investment, good technical and economic effect and so on.

Sand pump bed development and the method of foundation pit to dig the foundation ditch with length about 40m to 50m, and width 10m, put a sand pump in the foundation pit to send. According to the thickness of the ore body, foundation pit can be dug to the bottom of the ore deposit by one time or fragments, the depth of the foundation pit is about 1.5m.

The method of trenches to exploit and digging trenches, it should set channel to transport mine by flowing automatically. If over the hollow, can cooperate with their inverted siphon pipe without power and economical.

The method of adit chute expand to dig foo trill and draw shaft to ore bodies. Installed slip slurry pipe in draw shaft, bottom of the foot rill equipped in the blunt ore groove. This kind of method is suitable for the dips scattered ore block of the Karst Mountains Area to save power, which should adopt their transportation to avoid sand pump lift to send. Currently using foot rill length has amounted to 2.6km. Draw shaft is divided into vertical and tilt, the vertical was used more widely, and it used timber wall to support. The diameter of the draw shaft pipe is generally 350mm, ore pulp is transported into the adit ditch of the foot rill through the pipe of the sand pump. There are two kinds of ore groove arrangement. The first one is installed on the bottom of the foot rill, and it is suitable for the mine with a shorter life. The second one is digging under the bottom of the foot rill. There should equip buffer pool at the joint between the pipe and the blunt ore groove to decrease impact force, and prevent ore pulp splash when it is flowing from the pipe.

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