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Wide Solid Control System Application

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Solid control system is playing an increasing role in our national industry and the solid control equipment is now enjoying its popularity various fields. Wide solid control system application:

(1) Solid Control System Application in Petroleum Drilling Industry

The development of solid control system application in petroleum drilling industry in our country has experienced a long time. Solids control equipment is the equipment of controlling solid phase composition in drilling fluid, which is the important component of the sludge treatment device. The increasing of solid content in drilling fluid will reduce the rate of penetration significantly, thus leading to the drilling accidents, making the sharp rise in the total cost of the drilling. Solid control system application in petroleum drilling industry mainly indicates to control the solid content in drilling fluid. Besides that, sand silt all-in-one is also included in the secondary solids control equipment in petroleum drilling engineering, meshes over 40 can be isolated from cuttings.

(2)Solid Control System Application in River Dredging Industry

Vacuum degasser is a new type of solid control equipment used for processing drilling fluid invasion gas, also called negative pressure Degasser, which can quickly remove the various gases have intruded into the drilling fluid, thus restoring the proportion of mud. What’s more, it can also be used as a powerful blender and it is suitable for act as corollary equipment of all kinds of mud circulation purification system. The equipment as one part of the negative pressure desecrator type with scientific and reasonable structure design can achieve effective separation of gas and liquid, filter out the impurities, ensuring the exhaust pipe is always open. Vacuum degasser will cause negative pressure in the vacuum tank according to vacuum pump suction effect, then the mud go through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft of rotor under the action of atmospheric pressure. After having gone into the suction pipe, the mud would jet shaped into filling wall by the window around the hollow shaft.

(3)Solid Control System Application in Trenchless Engineering Industry

Trenchless engineering industry has developed rapidly and solid control system application in this field update faster and faster. Sand pump is one of the important equipment for mud solids controlling in trenchless engineering industry. It is mainly used to adding liquid for decanter, deciliter, cleaner and other equipment in the circulation system. Solid control system application in trenchless engineering industry also includes mud cleaner, which is characterized by arranged combination of 1-3cyclone group and 8-16 desilter hydro cyclones. The overflow pipe and the feeding tube diameter are larger while the cone angle is relatively smaller. The utility model’s ability of dealing with mud slurry is enhanced largely, and the separation efficiency of drilling cuttings is improved at the same time.

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