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Wide Applications of Desander and Advantages of Desander

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Desander is a kind of device which can be isolated miscellaneous impurity from air, water or wastewater strea. Miscellaneous impurity include sand, gravel, coal cinder, or some other heavy solid form scum, the settling velocity and density is greater than the water and it is easy to decay of organic matter.

The desander is mainly suitable for water treatment and control of raw water and moisturizing water, such as: oil field drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing, CBM (coal bed methane) drilling mud of purification and hydrocyclone separation, river water and well water litter cleaning, coal washing water, industrial choosing the ore, solid-liquid separation, degassing of liquid and the miscibility of liquid separation, etc. Desander can be widely used in water source heat pump system, heating water, central air conditioning cooling water, chilled water, steel, electricity, chemical industry and other industrial and mining enterprises, tap water, sea water, surface water, groundwater and so on.

The desander advantages and its characterized contains simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate. Compared with the other equipment, it has a small volume, processing capacity is very big, it can save more much space. Decontamination of high efficiency and resistance coefficient is small, large flow, clean-up is convenient and reliable operation. It can be cleaned in the operation processing,we don't have to shut down the pump when cleanning the desander.In addition, the desander also has the advantages like floor space is small, sand and water separation effect is good, isolated sand moisture content low rate, organic matter content less, easy to transport and other advantages. the desander has automatic control system and adopts PLC system washing sand, sand cycle, safe and reliable operation, it is easy to operate, simple maintenance and long service life, its blower adopts foreign advanced technology, low noise. Little impact on the surrounding environment, the health condition is good enough.

Desander principle in the use of centrifugal separation for desanding decontamination, water inlet installed in the position of the eccentric cylinder, outlet installed in the top of the cylinder. cyclone desander is a kind of high efficiency equipment to remove dirtand products and its cleaning method is very convenient and reliable. In operation process of sewage disposal, the butterfly valve opened slowly, first outflow is sewage, followed by is the cloudy water, and when flowing the clean water close the butterfly valver, in the last, put the sewage to drain.

With the rapid development of the world economy and industry supply and demand relations change law of desander application, the desander prospect and development trend of industry will be very light, for the enterprise development strategy, investment decisions and enterprise management to provide authoritative, sufficient and reliable decision basis. Also for the small and medium-sized enterprises or individual businesses choose desander to provide some basic information and tips.

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