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Why to Maintain Sand Pump

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Sand pump, just as its name implies, is usually used to pump out the sand of the liquid. It is commonly used in river dredging, coal mine, and power plant and oil exploitation. Like human beings, machine needs some maintenance as well after working for a long time. Of course, sand pump is not an exception. The reasons of why to maintain sand pump are not hard to answer. There are two reasons. The first reason why to maintain derrick screen is that the lifetime of a sand pump is limited. A proper maintain of the sand pump can guarantee its working quality. After working for a long time, the sand pump is easy to be out of state, which has a bad influence on the working efficiency of the sand pump, even the whole process of oil exploitation. A proper maintain of the sand pump including maintenance of shaft seal, adjustment of the impeller, bearing lubrication. No matter what machinery it is, in order to have a good performance and longer service life, regular maintenance is indispensible. The second reason why to maintain sand pump is the abrasion caused by sand and large size solid. Due to a long time work with abrasion, the shaft seal, impeller and bearing are worn to some degree. Therefore, every time after using the sand pump, the operator needs to clean the sand pump and to use a lot of water to wash out the sand or mud stuck into the pump. A very useful method to maintain sand pump is to use shear pump before putting the drilling fluid to the sand pump. Shear pump is a kind of special machine used to shear polymer and clay. It has been proven to be in great value in the drilling fluid system both practically and theoretically. If the polymer is sheared sufficiently before being put into the drilling fluid system, the polymer can give full play to its effectiveness, and improve the properties of drilling fluid. Otherwise, polymer might block the vibrating screen mesh in first cycle, causing great loss of polymer and increasing the de-1000 decanter centrifuge. What's more, it can also make the large size solid particles in drilling fluid become hard and difficult to remove and do harm on the sand pump. The use of a shear pump in a necessary oil well can help to protect the sand pump and prolong the service time.

The reasons of why to maintain sand pump are obvious. But not all the operators remember to maintain the sand pump regularly. Sometimes, they do not maintain the pump because laziness, but most of the time, they do not attach enough importance to the maintenance of the sand pump. They do not understand why to maintain sand pump in their deep heart.

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