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Why to Maintain 518 Decanter Centrifuge

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The speed of 518 centrifuge is second to none, using centrifuge drilling mud and fluid handling applications.Fortified building oilfield and industrial services,518 centrifuge are particularly effective in environmentally sensitive areas.It provides high liquid and efficient recovery of makeup fluid solid control and disposal costs significantly reduced.518 centrifuge has novel design and high efficiency work which reduced the cost for petroleum exploration.Now,petroleum exploration industry has been payed more attention to the maintenance of decanter centrifuge.Why to maintain decanter centrifuge? Practices shows that regularly maintain decanter centrifuge is beneficial to give full play to the role when explore petroleum and keep their own advantages.The following is to specific introduce the reason why to maintain decanter centrifuge.

Reasonable lubrication of equipment can prolong the service life of 518 centrifuge.

Some professional research institutions are analyze the wear failure reasons for petroleum machinery equipment,and the analysis of the result is that more than half of them lack of lubrication.Such as 518 centrifuge,the loss is conducted with no good lubrication.Machinery and equipment to ensure the precision and the accuracy of their equipment will have to keep the parts of their space.Only in this way can ensure not due to causes such as vibration and wear during operation and this is our staff need to do good reasonable lubrication which guarantee the normal work of the distance between the various parts.In addition ,the good lubrication also makes the temperature in the process of equipment in the work won't cause too much due to excessive wear, it can increase the service life of equipment.This is the important reason why to maintain decanter centrifuge .

Mandatory maintenance can reduce the equipment accident

In general, the reason of the problem of the 518 centrifuge is caused by over load operation of machinery and equipment.We through to the petroleum drilling machinery and equipment failure analysis found that most of the petroleum machinery and equipment failure is because lack of overhaul and maintenance for the equipment at ordinary times.So we should maintain and overhaul the 518 centrifuge regularly which can make the device stay long time in good condition.At the same time, we should make full use of preventive maintenance system insure that these devices are the compulsory maintenance.Mechanical equipment in the modern petroleum industry is generally large and interdependence between the various modules of equipment, once a module appear problem that will lead to other system can not function properly, so we may take advantage of modern science and technology which achieve the purpose of reduce the breakdown maintenance cost.

Strengthen the maintenance accessories have a benefit to reduce accidents.

At present, the petroleum drilling machinery and equipment repair parts gradually enter the market. Driven by interests, some parts of the 518 centrifuge into petroleum drilling field, the performance of these accessories won't meet the requirements, once use these parts for petroleum drilling will damage the equipment that can’t be estimated.So the parts management workers must control quality of parts which have been put in storage. To responsibility people, each batch of incoming parts can check the source to eliminate mechanical equipment failure.

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