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Why to Choose Cyclone Desander

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In the daily construction, the usage of the filter has been popularized. The filter is used both in construction and agricultural irrigation. In the middle of building, the grit filtering is crucial to the whole construction. The cyclone desander is an effective filter that has been utilized in oil exploration and water resource. Using the cyclone desander is able to separate the grit and liquid in an effective and scientific way, reaching the purpose of saving the resources and protecting the environment. However, why to choose cyclone desander as a filter instead of other filter machines?

The main reasons of why to choose the desander is its good performance. The cyclone desander uses the centrifugal force created through current with high speed revolution to separate the solid and liquid materials or separate grit or other heavy impurity from the oil or water. There is a filter screen inside of the cyclone desander, which is easy to maintain and clean. However, the part which will accumulate the grit or sand should be washed frequently to avoid the impurity entering into the cyclone desander again. What’s more, due to the centrifugal force, the filter ability has been limited. Therefore, the cyclone desander is not suitable for using in agricultural irrigation or other engineer with large scale. The most effective field of the cyclone desander is the oil drilling and water system which has some certain range.

In addition, the main factor that decides the performance of the cyclone desander is its filter ability. A scientific and reasonable cyclone desander should separate the solid from the liquid materials effectively and makes sure different materials can enter into different inlets and outlets. Some cyclone desander has a secondary filter screen to filter the oil again, making sure the purity of the liquid. And the discharge outlet should be designed with an enough size to discharge sands with different size and number. If the discharge outlet is designed with a limited size, the sands or grit cannot be discharged in time, affecting the filter effect.

After a long period of usage, it is easy to block the inlet and outlet. Therefore, the frequent cleaning is necessary. Another reason of why to choose the desander is its easy maintenance. The filter screen is easy to take apart and clean, and the part that stores the accumulated grit or sands is easy to clear up. Some manufacturers use materials with good quality to prolong the service life of the cyclone desander. Therefore, using the cyclone desander is a reasonable choice to save maintenance cost and repairing cost.

All in all, the reason of why to choose the desander is due to the good performance of the cyclone desander and its convenient maintenance and replacement.

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