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Why to Choose 518 Decanter Centrifuge

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With the development of drilling technology and new technology, as well as a variety of series success of research and development of vibrating screen.In the meanwhile, the ability of to work solid control system of centrifuge processing has been put forward higher request.The traditional centrifuge was bound by technological level and structural features, processing provides the outlook is not optimistic.Traditional centrifuge separation efficiency has been unable to obtain further, the main reason is because that the centrifuge is not fully accelerate just flow to the inside of the drilling fluid centrifuge.Then the research of decanter centrifuge can solve this problem,that is the reason why to choose decanter centrifuge. Especially 518 centrifuge.The following is introduce some advantages about 518 centrifuge and Let the reader to further understand why to choose decanter centrifuge.

1.518 centrifuge is energy efficient and environmentally friendly vibrating screen, low energy consumption, low noise, low water consumption, small volume, light quality and installation convenient transportation which can reduce the drilling cost. This is the important reason why to choose decanter centrifuge.

2.518 centrifuge has been equipped with drilling fluid automation of data acquisition and monitoring system or treatment system of form a complete set of application which providing a reliable basis for drilling data and improving rate of penetration. This new feature reduces drilling costs and add to the reason why to choose decanter centrifuge.

3.518 centrifuge has adjustable vibrating screen performance parameters and the vibration mode diversification.The vibrating screen always maintain efficient work status. The screen box angle is adjustable to meet the requirements for processing and screening, which can realize linear vibration and balanced elliptical vibration modes.These adjustable vibrator are directly installed on the box body which can produce corresponding excitation effects.The vibrator research should be a development direction.

Screen mesh is refine, 518 centrifuge has been developed of more than 200 mesh screen mesh and high strength which super fine mesh screen more than cyclone sieving.So drilling fluid solids control process can be able to use ultra fine mesh sieve to achieve and to simplify them.

5.518 centrifuge innovative design, including a bowl add a longer retention time or in the dry solid and finer tangent point.Tungsten carbide roll point and wide spacing of flights on the tapered end are at the same.Then uniform separation and maximum solid control efficiency, creating a more sophisticated conveying solid layer.Stainless steel bowl is the vortex type and car cover corrosion resistance which make long service life.Precision balance running at high speed for a long time with higher efficiency which minimize maintenance and downtime.

6. An another reason why to choose decanter centrifuge is that to keep the condition of drilling fluid at optimal levels.When fluid systems exist solid,to control the amount and type of fluid temperature , 518 centrifuge may lead to a higher rate of penetration which reduce the leakage problem and the accident of well control.This advantage to improve the solid utilization rate and reduce the loss of circulation work which provides profit for the enterprise production efficiency.

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