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Why Are Vacuum Degasser Usages Popular

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The newly developed vacuum degasser , used in the field drilling operation, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, degassing effect is remarkable, vacuum degasser usages produced good economic benefit. In conventional gas cut if appear in the process of drilling fluid, vacuum degasser usages can handle, can avoid gas cut on the influence of drilling fluid performance, reduce the mud pump wear and tear, improve the water efficiency of mud pump, to reduce the time of repairing the pump and stop drilling processing. In underbalanced drilling operation, the existing "gas separator" drilling fluid degassing equipment can clear away the free gas in the drilling fluid, and intrusion into the drilling fluid system of free gas to clear it up. However in underbalanced drilling, drilling fluid is the most prone to gas cut. Vacuum degasser usages in order to remove this part of the free gas. The successful development of vacuum degasser as conventional drilling operation and underbalanced drilling equipment and underbalanced drilling operation smoothly and effectively separate gas provides the guarantee.

To effectively remove gas of gas cut drilling fluid, must be in the vacuum degasser usages when meet the following necessary condition, to make the bubbles are exposed to the surface of drilling fluid, rapidly expanding fracture under negative pressure environment. The stand or fall of degassing effect, therefore, depends on the vacuum degasser usages of reasonable control; gas cut the time duration of the drilling fluid in the degassing indoor and in the degassing chamber. The more reasonable the vacuum degasser usages are, drilling fluid in the bubbles of the expansion drive, the greater the volume expansion, the greater the drilling fluid to give buoyancy is, the greater the bubble, the easier to float to the surface of the drilling fluid. For the convenience of vacuum degasser usages, in addition to the layout of the gas separation plate of interior design should be drilling fluid in turbulent flow state.

Vacuum degasser in addition to the gas chamber, is the place where gas drilling fluid for gas-liquid separation, the internal structure design is the key technology; it must be met in addition to some necessary conditions of gas. Drilling fluid in degassing indoor can stay for a certain period of time; in the degassing of interior design has a certain angle separation plate, for drilling fluid in the degassing indoor disperse into thin layer created the conditions. Matching of the vacuum pump, the gas cut very serious when the swept volume of drilling fluid and can satisfy the use requirement. Control in order to better vacuum degasser usages, entering the indoor gas drilling fluid flow, the entrance and discharge in addition to the quantity of air chamber of drilling fluid balance, and to prevent gas back into the isolated into drilling fluid, so the degassing of interior design with automatic level control mechanism.

Proved by field test, vacuum degasser usages in conventional oil drilling and special processing all kinds of gas in the drilling operation of underbalanced drilling fluid gas cut, free or not free gas in the separation of drilling fluid, and restore the relative density of drilling fluid viscosity. This set of equipment structure is reasonable, installation and vacuum degasser usages and convenient. Used for processing drilling fluid gas cut, degassing affect significantly, safe and reliable, various technical indicators reached the domestic advanced level. The vacuum degasser overcomes the "mud gas separator" can clear away the free gas in the drilling fluid, and to a free gas or gas in the invasion of drilling fluid system can't remove the faults, has great site popularization and application value.

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