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Which Shale Shaker Is Better

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The shale shaker is driven to operate buy the reciprocating screw type vibration that produced by the vibration generator. The up rotary hammer on the vibration generator causes the plane whirl vibration on the cover of the shale shaker while the down rotary hammer causes the cone rotary vibration on the cover of the shale shaker. The cooperation of the two types of rotary hammer makes the cover of the shale shaker do the compound type spiral vibration as a result. The vibration trace of the shale shaker is a complex spatial curve. The shadow of the curve on the horizontal plane is round but an ellipse on the vertical plane. Adjusting the vibration force of the up and down rotary hammer can change the amplitude of vibration. Also the curve shape of the screening machine’s cover’s moving trace and the movement line of the materials on the shale shaker cover can be changed when the spatial phase angle of the up and down rotary hammers is changed.

According to the construction and the operating principle of the shale shaker, the shale shaker can be divided into three types, the roller screen shale shaker, the fixed screen and the brandt shaker . And it is not so clear to tell which kind of shale shaker is better. The two types of the shale shaker are different in some aspects but have some similarities on the construction and function. Which kind of shale shaker is better? The cover of roller screen shale shaker is consisting of roller axles which settled up side to side. The operating parts of the fixed screen do not move, but the materials will be screened when slipping on the shaker cover. The fixed screen is more used in the concentrate mill for prescreening before coarse crushing or second crushing. The construction of the fixed screen is simple and it is easily to be manufactured. You can pour the mining stone on the cover of the shale shaker without consuming energy. But the produce efficiency of the shale shaker is low and poor in screening, either. And the Brandt shaker vibrates in a plane or swing in the plane.

The Brandt shaker is consisting of screen box, vibration generator, suspension (or supporting) device and the motor. Then are the advantages of the Brandt shaker. The violent vibration of the screen box lessen the phenomenon of the screen hole block of the materials which improve the screening efficiency and the production rate. The construction of the Brandt shaker is simple so it’ll be convenient to replace the screen cover. The energy consumption of the Brandt shaker per ton materials is small.

It is hard to say which kind of the shale shaker id better as every type has its own superiority and weakness. So do not worry about which one to choose, you can select the best one as your own requirements.

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