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Where Needs Sand Pump

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Although, the sand pump and shear pump are commonly used in the process of oil exploitation, there is no need to use them in each oil field and every oil well. Usually, the sand pump and shear pump are only used in special conditions where common machine used in oil exploitation can not solve the problem. In the following passage, we will discuss about the conditions one by one. The first condition where needs sand pump is that in some oil field, the sediment concentration of the decanter centrifuge fluid out of the oil well is in massive amount. Some oil well even has no fluid in the process of sand wash over. So a sand pump is needed. Sometimes, it even needs a shear pump to shear polymer and clay. Polymer (or clay) is sheared by shear pump sufficiently before being put into the drilling fluid system. This helps sand pump to give full play of its effectiveness. The second condition where needs sand pump is some particular oil field. The geological conditions of the oil field are different. The soil around some oil well might be loose. Therefore, the sand content of the drilling fluid out of the oil well might be high. To make the matter worse, accidents like oil well is buried, worn or blocked by sand happen frequently in these oil fields. Thus, a sand pump is very necessary in this kind of oil field. It can not only help to improve the oil content of the drilling fluid, but also to protect the operator from getting into the soft sand. Besides, a sand pump can help to improve the whole working efficiency of the oil exploitation. The third condition where needs sand pump is desert area. We all know that the soil of the desert districts is sandy. But petroleum is often discovered in these areas. The exploitation of desilter in desert is more difficult than other place. Among of all the instruments and machines, a sand pump is particularly necessary in desert places. Without sand pumps, various problems might cause the increasing high cost of oil exploitation and the low work efficiency of the machine.

Although sand pump is widely used in oil exploitation, it is not necessary for every oil field. That where needs sand pump is depended on the geological conditions and soil conditions where the oil well locates. The whole process of the oil exploitation is very complex and there are tens of machines and instruments involved in. Oil exploitation becomes more and more difficult and the price of petroleum has kept increasing for a long time because the whole storage volume of the earth gets smaller and smaller. It is high time we should save the limited energy.

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