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Where Needs Mud Agitator in Different Stirring Process

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Mud agitator is a kind of special stirrer that used to mix slurry. It can make the drillings and sand not deposit at the bottom of the tank, but smoothly go through the purification system. Then where needs mud agitator? Mud agitator is applied in solid control system of oil drilling fluid. It is a part of mud purification system. In general, when used in chemical, oil refining, food and other industries, the stirrer cannot replace the mud agitator.

Mud agitator is an important device installed in circulating tank. Strictly speaking, it should not stop once it is put into operation in order to ensure the uniformity and cyclone of drilling liquid and the normal operation of SWACO 518 centrifuge . Agitator used in earlier ages is the equipment fully used in chemical system. It does not take the characteristics of drilling and drilling fluid into account. Where needs mud agitator in different stirring process? A variety of different stirring process needs the different mud agitators running to achieve. When choosing it for different process, you should determine the stirrer type, motor power and stirring speed according to the objective and requirement of mixing operation at first. Then you could select the speed reducer, the frame, the stirring shaft and other components. The selection of mud agitator types is connected closely to purpose of stirring work. The specific method is as follows.

First, if you want to know where needs mud agitator, you should determine the shape and size of mixing container according to production scale, agitation purpose and material properties. If there is no special need, you could choose vertical cylindrical vessel generally. In the meantime, determine the appropriate ratio of height and diameter. The speed reducer needs to meet the requirements of power and rotation rate.

Second, if you want to know where needs mud agitator , you ought to know the stirring shaft should have enough reversing strength and bending strength. Normally the stirring shaft must be rigid enough, and the speed should avoid in 800 ~ 1200r/min. If the speed of stirring shaft in this range, it need certain flexibility. A stirring shaft needs enough wheelbases to ensure that the stirring shaft deflection is small.

Third, you should determine whether there are requirements of baffle and the inner cooling tube according to the mud agitator type, material characteristics before you know where needs mud agitator. If it needs the baffle, low viscosity liquid usually operates in the baffle conditions (the baffle width is 1/12 ~ 1/10 of stirred vessel diameter). With the increase of viscosity, width of baffle can become narrow. High viscosity fluid could be without baffle.

Fourth, to know where needs mud agitator, you should clear if there is allowance of more liquid leaking, you can use packing to seal the shaft. But if it allows little leakage, vacuity is high, or friction consumption between a shaft and a shaft sleeve is little, you should select mechanical seal. When mixing fluid is toxic, flammable, explosive or expensive high-purity material, or operation is in high vacuum condition, you can choose the magnetic transmission device. But the disadvantage is the magnetic drive efficiency is very low.

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