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What is the Principle of the Vacuum Degasser?

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Generally speaking, vacuum degasser is based on the principle of the vacuum separation, through a specific vacuum tank for water for automated processing, make the gas and water separation, water system integration is available as an option, used in heating, refrigeration and solar system, used for off gas, reduce corrosion, is a reliable guarantee for the safe and stable operating systems and equipment.

Just like king cobra screen is one kind of screens, there are different kinds of vacuum degasser. One of the vacuum degasser is jet vacuum degasser. Most commonly used in the various manufacturing industry. Jet type vacuum degasser, system of water or water through suction pump into the vacuum tank, when the vacuum tank filled with water, entrance side electromagnetic valve automatically closes but pump still continue to run a few seconds, the negative pressure formed special vacuum tank degassing machine, system through special injection pipe rotary spray into the vacuum tank, and was quickly spray scattered.

According to Henry's law, when the pressure is decreased, the gas solubility decreases, free gas and dissolved gas in the water is released, gathered at the top of the vacuum tank, the water inlet electromagnetic valve is opened again, the new water into the tank, gas accumulation in the top of the vacuum tank through the automatic exhaust valve exhaust. But after the degassing water in the circulatory system, on the other hand, because of its strong absorption ability, and the gas in the system, whether it is free or dissolved gas absorption, when the water re entering the desecrator, the gas has been removed, so go round and begin again, the gas in the system all the discharge. As the pioneer of vacuum degassing technology, jet vacuum machine can be almost completely exclude the gas system, effectively improve the heating, refrigeration efficiency, eliminate the pump cavitation, reducing system noise, avoid air resistance, prevent corrosion of oxygen to the pipeline and equipment, ensure the system is stable and reliable operation, prolong the service life of the equipment, saving the user investment.

Through the spray degassing, two cycles of degassing and feedback can be widely used in heating, refrigeration and solar system. High quality zinc aluminum coating steel shell, beautiful and durable. Floor mounted easy installation and maintenance.

There are some tips worthy of attention for guiding properly to operate it. Corrosion and corrosion, water enters the system in the air with the system, the metal atom oxygen molecules in the air and pipeline and equipment of chemical reaction, form iron oxide, or rust. This chemical reaction on the other hand may cause corrosion, corrosion is serious when can cause the water pipe, radiator, boiler leak. On the other hand, corrosion or rust with the flow of the liquid is brought to each position system, deposited jam, blocking equipment parts, control valve, pump, boiler and heat exchanger performance.

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