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What is The Feature of Decanter Centrifuge?

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Solid-liquid phase separate impurities in this unit in order to clarify the effect. Especially for small concentrations of viscosity, fine solid particles, smaller solid-liquid heavy liquid separation, after removing the solid phase to stop.

The main disadvantage of the decanter centrifuge features tube is a batch operation. Drum volume is small. Remove sediment down frequently. So you want to strengthen the tubular centrifuge separation performance by strengthening research and research centrifuge separation process theory.

1, using a variety of DE-1000 Decanter centrifuges must first balance on the balance of precision centrifuge tube and its contents, when poorly balanced weight shall not exceed the scope of the specification requirements of each centrifuge, each de-1000 decanter centrifuge rotor has a different their allowable difference, turned absolutely singular tube cannot be loaded, when turned only partially loaded, the tube must be placed symmetrically turned to each other so that the load is evenly distributed around the turret.

2, Turn around before use should be placed in the refrigerator or in a pre-cooled Decanter centrifuge features rotor interior.

3, centrifugal process are not free to leave, you should always observe the meter is working on a centrifuge, if unusual sounds should immediately stop inspection, timely troubleshooting.

4, each has its own rotor speed and the use of the maximum allowable cumulative limit, turned to the use of manual inspection shall not be too fast to use. Each rotor should have a use files, records cumulative duration of use, if it exceeds the maximum use of the rotor limit, the notice required deceleration use.

5, when the loading solution, according to various DE-1000 Decanter centrifuge specific operating instructions, choose a suitable centrifuge tube according to the nature and volume of liquid to be centrifuged, and some tubes without cap, liquid cannot pretend to be too much, in case when centrifugal thrown, causing the rotor imbalance, rust or corrode, and preparative ultracentrifuge tube, then often require liquid must be filled in order to avoid centrifugal upper recessed plastic centrifuge tube deformation. After each use, you must carefully check the rotor, cleaned, dried, turned around and was required to focus on the protection of centrifuge components, be careful when moving, not a collision, to avoid injuries, when not long turned to coated with a protective wax coating, prohibited the use of significant deformation, damage or aging of the centrifuge tube.

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