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What is Shale Shaker and How can We Install Shale Shaker

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Shale shaker is to use the vibrator excitation. Oscillator rotating hammer on that plane whirl shale shaker surface, while the rotating hammer make cone rotary shale shaker surface, the effect of the combined complex type rotary shale shaker surface.

The shale shaker widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, abrasives, ceramics, paint, diamond, mining and petroleum industries. VSM shaker and Brandt shaker are two typical shale shaker. As the new energy development and utilization, more represented by natural gas, solar energy and other new energy power is gradually promoting and application in all aspects of People's Daily life. Economic, security, environmental protection engineering machinery product applications, as well as technical requirements of the country, also is used shale shaker business demand of research and development.

To the high efficient quantitative development: industrial contemporary progress prompted enterprise increase, sand production equipment production ability is greatly increased, and form a complete set of effective high-throughput screening machine. To develop in the scale, the seriation, generalization, it is easy to program, specialization of production, ensure quality and low cost. According to the shale shaker trajectory, the situation of the shale shaker points and make it widely used in industrial department.

How to install shale shaker is very important problem, there are many types of shale shaker such as VSM shaker and brandt shaker , they have their own different purposes, and different shale shaker have different install method. Generally, the process of install shale shaker is very complicated. Firstly the equipment shall be the basis of stability. When the equipment is installed in the ground , on the basis of cement can not set the anchor bolt. When the above shale shaker installation of steel structure frame, application of bolts on the structure, and steel structure platform should have a certain degree of steel rack. This machine is only a three phase switch (note: it is best to use electrical control panel), use snakeskin tube thread, the motor can be connected to the power supply, pay attention to the electrical control panel should be hung up on the wall. Second, the equipment before delivery, the screen had been install completely, use the screen in the process of change, all can be replacemented. Third, before shooting, should first check the hold-down bolts fastening degree, and whether the position of the mouth and connect to is the case, and observe whether shale shaker is normal vibration motor rotation and spring force have without block, check whether each layer sieve pressure. Fourth, before the shale shaker access to the electrical control panel, we should inspection on electrical control panel. Observing the vibration motor direction of rotation is clockwise or not, (note: otherwise should change phase sequence) operation is normal, have no noise. Finally, adjust the phase Angle of vibration motor eccentric block up and down, to adapt to all kinds of material screening.

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