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What is Decanter Centrifuge?

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Undoubtedly, centrifuge is one of the most useful tools people can use to separate the different materials. The principle of centrifuge is that different densities of materials leads that the different substances can be separated when centrifuge force exists. Generally speaking, centrifuge machines produce the centrifuge force by high speed rotation. However, the rotate speed is depended on the materials you want to achieve. For those more micro and light things, of course you need more strong centrifuge force to get them. Decanter centrifuge is a special kind of centrifuge which is used to separate solids substances from slurry or other kinds of liquids. Obviously, it is easy to connect decanter centrifuge with mining or drilling, where people have a strong demands to process complicated liquid mixtures.

To control the temperature of the drilling hole and convey the materials, always people will inject and recollect a kind of solution called “drilling fluids”. Considering with the environment and the cost of drilling, workers will recollect the drilling fluids and separate the target solids from the mix. With the rapid development of technology, decanter centrifuge has been used widely in almost all the fields relating on industries such as wastewater treatment, oil mining, food industry and so on. For recent years, 518 centrifuge becomes more and more welcome because of its many impressive characteristics like high effective, lower energy consumption, fine screening and the like. Especially in oilfield and industry, 518 centrifuge has earned its reputed good name because of reliable quality and good performance. When talking about separating oils or other industries production, we should never ignore stack sizer, which has a high volume and efficiency. Thus, if you are planning to process some pretty high tonnage materials, A stack sizer definitely deserves your try.

Apparently, there’re some reasons why decanter centrifuge is so popular. Fist, decanter centrifuge do has a good-looking and concise appearance, which can be easy to maintain and avoid pollution. Moreover, compared with many other kinds of separation machines, decanter centrifuge has a small space need to install and operate. The best part is that you can change the cylindrical bowl so as to suit different materials you want to separate, which is convenient and cost-saving. Since modularity is the modern design trend of industrial productions, choosing a decanter centrifuge could be the most advanced and popular solution about separating. Furthermore, The decanter centrifuge consist of a fewer units than other separating machines, which also means that people can operate and maintain the machine easily.

In conclusion, I truly believe that decanter centrifuge would be your best choice!

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