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What are the Features of Vacuum Degasser

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The features of vacuum degasser conform to Henry's law and Dalton's law, powered by steam, with ejector pump to a certain degree of vacuum, the acid water boiling at room temperature, to remove the water dissolved CO2 and O2, so as to reduce the burden of anion exchanger, improve the periodic output amount of fabricated water from the anion exchanger, make favorable conditions for anion exchange resin adsorption carbonic acid root, and reduce the oxidation of the anion exchange resin and the corrosion of water supply pipeline. The following will mainly introduce the features of vacuum degasser.

Due to the temperature and pressure are interrelated, so into the vacuum deaerator water temperature and the vacuum degasser can choose according to actual conditions. Workshop features of vacuum degasser are: the requirement for vacuum degree of no greater than ﹣0.085 MPa, the raw water tank temperature control range is 38 to 42℃. Aqueous solution of each temperature corresponds to a saturation pressure. According to features of vacuum degasser, the temperature of the water with the pressure inside the vacuum degasser corresponds to the boiling point. Because of the water is boiling, the gas solubility in water, the smallest degassing efficiency is highest. According to the degree of vacuum in the actual operation, timely adjust the tank temperature when the temperature of the water tank is higher than the vacuum degree of saturation temperature l ~ 2 ℃, the degassing effect is best.

Workshop features of vacuum degasser are to use two stage of steam ejector pumping air into vacuum state, steam ejector design inlet steam pressure is 0.78 MPa. When the low pressure pipe network pressure is low, the steam injector inlet steam pressure cannot meet the design value, the vacuum degree reduced. If the system has leakage, it will cause a decline in vacuum. Such as 202 # level gauge have been corrosion perforation, because the loss of vacuum degree, at the same time, the periodic output amount of fabricated water from Yin bed decreased obviously. More features of vacuum degasser: vacuum degasser full liquid level, the water is pumped trachea to draw a, secondary cooler, a, secondary cooler filled with water, ejector not work properly, resulting in a decline in vacuum. Understand the features of vacuum degasser, we can find out the vacuum deaerator level factors include: full vacuum degasser inlet valve failure; entrance to the bypass valve open to spend; pump fit in the middle.

Features of vacuum degasser:

1. The use of vacuum centrifugal pump pumping mud into the vacuum tank, and you should know use it to make gas pumped vacuum tank, vacuum pump in the two not same functions. These are the major features of vacuum degasser.

2. The water ring vacuum pump in the process of work, always under isothermal condition, and is suitable for flammable and explosive gas suction, safety performance is reliable.

3. The mud through the window into the walls at a high speed rotor, mud bubbles in thoroughly, degassing effect is good.

4. The main motor offset, center of gravity is lower.

5. The belt drive, to avoid the retarding mechanism of complications.

6. The application of the water separator will not result in water and gas is emitted at the same time, the exhaust pipe is always open. Additional, still can cycle to supply water to the water inside the vacuum pump, to save water. The features of vacuum degasser make it more obvious advantages.

7. The suction pipe inserted into the mud tank, in the case of mud airless leaching, can be used as a powerful blender.

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