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What You Should Know About Decanter Centrifuge

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The Decanter centrifuge is also called horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge, which is a centrifugal separation equipment with high efficiency. Usually the decanter centrifuge can be divided into two kinds, the filter horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge and the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge. The decanter centrifuge is a settling equipment that horizontally spiral discharging materials with continuous operation. With the experts tips of the decanter centrifuge, the operating principle of such kind of decanter centrifuge is as the follows. The revolving drum and the spiral make high speed revolution with a little different rate, the speeding materials will go to the revolving drum when come into the material deliver tank . By the effect of the centrifugal force, the sedimental layer will come into being when the heavier solid material subsides on the revolving drum wall. And the material deliver spiral pushes the subsided solid materials to the cone point of the revolving drum so the subsided wasted material will be discharged from the slag-drip opening.

In the centrifuge pump, the lighter liquid material will form the inner liquid layer. The lighter liquids will be discharged from the drain connection after spilling out from the spiral drum. From the experts’ tips, buying the drilling equipment is a good choice as the decanter centrifuge can do the material feeding, separating, washing and outputting continuously at a full high speed rotation. Also the decanter centrifuge has the other features like tight construction, continuous operation, steady operation, strong environment adjustment, great production capacity, convenience in maintenance and so on. It is quite suitable for separating the suspending liquid whose concentration is around 2 to 40%, and the solid materials are larger than 0.005mm. So the decanter centrifuge is widely used in the chemical industry, light industry, pharmacy industry, food industry and environmental industry.

As the what decanter centrifuge experts’ tips shows, the decanter centrifuge is used in environment to dehydrate the waste water or mud produced by industry or Industrial and civil sewage treatment. Under the background that environment is the world topic nowadays, the decanter centrifuge has made a great effort in dealing with the waste water. At the early days, the sewage treatment plant or the other treatment plant would dehydrate the mud by gravity or belt pressure filter. And the practic indicates that the water content decreased from 98% to 80%, so that the volume become one tenth of the former one. That causes the wide application in the environmental protective field because of the advantages of the decanter centrifuge -- large treatment capacity, automatic operation and good dehydration effect. The product sales of the decanter centrifuge take half of all the sales of the centrifuges. At oversea, the decanter centrifuges are the first choice of sewage treatment equipments.

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