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What Is the Popular Solid Control System

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There is no denying that the solid control system is the most popular machine in the mining industry which is aimed to produce oil to fulfill the requirements of daily life. Solid control system is the combination of different kinds of machine in order to drill oil from hundreds and thousands of underground. It is so important in the mining industry because it improves the steps of drilling into more and more efficient, effective and cost-saving situation.

The solid control system is designed to separate rocks pieces in the drilling fluids which used to break the underground rock and carry the rocks pieces out of the deep pits. In order to finish the tough tasks, the whole process of the solid control system is divided into 5 steps. The first step is mud tank. In the mud tanking, the drilling fluids are produced. It seems that water is too light that it cannot crush the rock and break it in the end. So the mud which is heavier than water takes the place. The mud tanking process is also called fluids processing system.

After mud rushes into the pit, crashes the rock and finally brings out the rock pieces, the second step takes place. The second step is shale shaker. In the shale shaker, the mud has to go through different kinds of mining screen to filter the biggest rock pieces. The working principle of the shale shaker is quite simple. If the hole of what is solid control system is smaller than the rock pieces so that the rock cannot fall down the screen. While if the hole of the mining screen is bigger than the rock pieces so that the rock can fall down the screen.

Thanks to the simple principle of the shale shaker, there are always various screens with different sizes of holes. And as a result, the rock pieces in the mud are still completely cleaned out so that the mud has to go through other machines to reach the aim. The third step of the solid control system is vacuum degasser. The working principle is depended on the gravity force and centrifugal force. Under different velocity, rock pieces with different weight have different force so that they can be separated. However, after this step, the rock pieces are still completely separated from the mud.

There are still three steps together to accomplish the task and they are desander, desilter, and centrifuge. The working principle of these three steps is the same as the working principle of the vacuum degasser but the working power of these tree steps are more violent than before. Desander and desilter are used to lead the solids to leave away the mud. However, the diameter ranges of the two equipments are totally different. The diameter range of the desander is from 45 to 74 um while that of desilter si from 14 to 44um. In a conclusion, the effect of the separation of the desander is better than that of the desilter. However, the worst effect of the separation is the mining screen.

All in all, the solid control system is the combination of different kinds of machines, such as mining screen and so on, used to separate rock pieces from the mud.

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