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What Is VSM Shaker and Why to Maintain Oil VSM Shaker?

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VSM shaker is short for vibrating severing mash shaker or vibrating screen mesh. It is used in the process of oil drilling to filter slurry out of the oil in order to improve the quality of oil. It was made by the materials of stainless steel silk, plastic plain netting, steel plate and the plastic plain netting. The shaker can be distinct from others according to its material. There are generally seven kinds of oil VSM Shaker such as Ordinary carbon steel shaker, corrosion resistant, iron shaker, copper shaker, aluminium shaker, titanium shaker and nickel shaker. It has the many advantages such as anti-friction, anticorrosive and temperature tolerance.

From the picture each shaker have 16 to 325 woven meshes on the surface of the plate, the size of each round woven mesh can be customize. Nowadays there are almost 12 stander sells in the market according to the number of the number of the mesh and the shaker size. For example the mesh size can be: 18mesh/80mesh with 1830milimeters wide and 760milimeters long, 18mesh/150mesh with 630milimeters wide and 1250milimeters long, 1050mesh/1050mesh with 695milimeters wide and 695milimeters long, 20mesh/100mesh with 76milimeters wide and 1150milimeters long, and so on.

The oil VSM shakers consist of hopper, feeder, screen Basket and vibrator. The hopper is a ‘base’ station for the shaker, if the fluid flow across the shaker screen surface it will help to collect the fluid which act like a big pan. The Feeder is generally a collection pan for the drilling fluid before the shaker start to separate the slurry from the drilling oil. The feeder can be shaped and sized according to the need of the mud system. The screen basket is also known as severing basket. It is the most important part of the woven mesh machine. Because will transfer the shaking intensity to the machine. The vibrator is the equipment which implements vibratory force to the shaker bed and it need power to push it work.

Because the Oil VSM shaker is easy to be damaged than other components of the vibrating equipment and that is why to maintain VSM shaker. So we should maintain the Shale shaker screen, especially the mesh. There may be two main reasons cause the damage. First is the wire failure. If the shaker uses a low quality material to weave the mesh, it will be damaged easily because of the frequently vibrating and the stone will also damage the mesh, the workers need to repair it while for the maintenance. The second is screen blinding. This is caused by the mud which stuff with the mesh. So the workers need to clean the meshes at regular intervals.

Maybe you have already known why to maintain VSM shaker and do regular maintenance to your VSM shaker.

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