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What Is Sand Pump and the Professional Tips

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Are you working in the oilfield? Do you need any land moving applications? If you are worried about your working condition and the mining process and if you urgently need some land moving applications, you should choose the sand pump which is a unit especially used in common mining industry and working as land moving applications. The sand pump is widely used to solve initial means of moving solid problems from one place to another place. And the sand pump is likely to be quite efficient and cost-saving. And the working process of the sand pump is centrifugal motion, which is different from the mining screen, so that the sand pump can also be named as centrifugal pump.

The working principle of the sand pump is depended on the centrifugal effect, which is the same as the degasser but totally different from the mining screen. In the sand pump, a textured or grooved disc is used in the whole working process. The disc of the sand pump should rotate around the centre where the central axis exists. For the rotation movement of the sand pump, a centrifugal force has been created and plays an important role in the working process. Mud going through the sand pump, thanks to the gravity force, is directly touch the top surface of the disc and caused friction force. And the friction force with the help of the centrifugal force begins to select the rock pieces within the mud.

Thanks to the working principle of the sand pump, various materials within the mud can be entirely removed by the produced force. However, the ability of the remove of different kinds of materials is related to the power of the sand pump. Sand pump with great power can rotate fast and cause amazing force in order the separate big range of the substances. So it seems that the sand pump with great power is more popular among the mining industry.

What’s more, the working environment of the sand pump is in the fluid or in the oil tank which is going to or has been fulfilled with sand, which is the same as the mining screen . After working process, the sand which has been suck out will be removed to another place through pipes and junctions or even through other pump which is connected to keep the material pressure passing through the whole system.

For better use of the sand pump, workers should pay attention to the maintenance. Such equipment, like mining screen and sand pump, quite need maintenance in order to avoid abrasion and lengthen the life of the machine. So we should avoid too high pressure or speeds in the working process because the abrasive material is going to contract against the disc. The abrasion of the disc would be serious at last so that workers should give up this sand pump.

In a nut shell, what is sand pump is used to remove the sand from the mud and it is related to the centrifuge working principle. Workers should greatly maintain the sand pump in order to shorten the use life. What’s more, the sand pump is really useful in the mining industry so that you cannot miss one.

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