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What Is Mud Cleaner in the Modern Society

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On October 23, 1973, the first mud cleaner was produced by two Americans and issued for the US Patent as soon as possible. However, they failed to issue the patent at last because a picture of the mud cleaner had been created in the late 1800s. Nowadays, the mud cleaner has experienced several steps of development and becomes more and more efficient and useful.

Today, the mud cleaner is used in oil industry with drilling mud. It is not only a single machine but a combination of vacuum desander coen and desilter cone. They are used to remove the containment from the mud. And it usually takes action in the second or third phase of the solid control system. The mud is added through the entrance valve into the vacuum desander first where to separate bigger particles and then the mud passes the tube towards to the desilter cone where high-speed rotation exits and smaller particles have been parted from the mud. After the two processes, the particles in the mud are roughly cleaned out. The working position of the mud cleaner is in a mud tank in the same place of the desilters. What is mud cleaner and the mud cleaner is usually placed in its mud system.

The purpose of the mud cleaner is to move solids which maintain in the mud. Solids which are bigger than 74-105 mm can be removed in the mud cleaner at a very low speed. Drilling fluid with solid containment which is really heavy can be effectively controlled by mud cleaner. The mud cleaner can prevent sticking of the mud caused by high pressure, especially adhesion stuck drill accident. Because of the mud cleaner, the statistics of the safety of workers is rising up.

The newest mud cleaner has a lot of advantages. It has the combination with the skilled screen. And the material of the mud cleaner is a hundred percent polyurethane which resists abrasion. The valve of the mud cleaner is stainless steel which avoiding being corrosive. The structure of the mud cleaner becomes smaller and smaller so that mud cleaner occupies a small place which you cannot imagine. Damping spring is going to use complex material of metal and rubber. This kind of the complex material can lengthen the use life of the mud cleaner. More and more safety kits are added to the mud cleaner to make sure the safety of workers. From another aspect, the design of the mud cleaner is taken advantage of the wedge block which is for the convenience of changing the screen. Moreover, the angle of box of screen can be easy to adjust according to the real situation so that the ability of the mud cleaner is more reliable. Thanks to above advantages, the mud cleaner can play an important role in the solid control system.

To summarize, the mud cleaner is combined equipment with vacuum degasser and desilter which is used to remove the containment in the drilling liquid. It is quite efficient and convenient in the mining industry.

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