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What Is Drilling Equipment

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Usually, drill equipment is what people use to dig a hole. The hole can be as large as the oil well, and as small as water well made manually by a man. What people usually take about is the massive drilling equipment that is massive structures rigs. We can see it in the mineral deposits, groundwater and soil properties. The drilling equipment can also be used in the construction of underground utilities and tunnels.

1. What is drill equipment made of? It might be mobile equipments mounted on trackers or trucks or something else. In general, the drill equipment is made of the complex alliance of a drill floor, a drill tower, lifting hoists, pumps and supporting equipments and 518 centrifuge. Some people think the lifting tower is also a kind of supporting equipment to hold the drill pipe and other equipments in position. The pump is used to make the drilling fluid go around continuously. The fluid enters the swivel from the pumps and then it goes down to the bit.

2. What does the drill equipment do? It is done based on the method of hydraulic-rotary drilling and air drilling. Take a drilling with air as an example, air works like a circulating medium which is different from the drilling mud. The air can cool the bit and remove the cutting from the hole. Of course, the air is not powerful enough to do it perfectly. It always cooperates with the air compressor to finish the removal. If the removal just depends on air, the sticky and wet cutting is hard to deal with and might leave on the drill pipe as well as plug the bit.

The critical drilling equipment is the component or system of a shale shaker. Once the drilling equipment faces the failure or malfunction, it must affect the safety of personnel and the security of the well.

3. With the science and technology developing, the drilling equipment are used in conjunction with polymers, drilling foam and various kinds of drilling additives in combination to facilitate the removal and stabilization of the hole wall.

The drilling equipment usually works with other tool such as derrick, rotary table, blowout preventer, draw works and accumulator, etc. Moreover, the process of making a well also needs the power, monitoring and control system to support. Therefore, what is drill equipment is not isolated. It is associated with other equipments. You might hear of the drilling unit. The drilling unit includes a drill ship, semi-submersible barge, and so on. The drilling unit plays an important role in a drilling program to work with drilling equipment.

In summary, the drilling equipment is not what you think before: just a drilling rig. It includes many other types of equipment to finish the program.

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