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What Is Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

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Balanced elliptical motion Shaker screen box, box Angle adjusting mechanism, screen base, vibrator, stents, and electrical system and drilling fluid into the system. The motioned elliptical vibrating screen application theory in advanced software is to complete the design on the pre. With reference to foreign advanced structure design of vibrating screen on structure in line with international standards. Comprehensive dynamic characteristics test, stress test and field industrial test showed that single  drilling fluid shale shaker screen capacity up to 50 l/H make sand content in the drilling fluid is reduced by 20% using the breakdown attains 120 mesh sieve effect stable running and reliable can meet the requirements of different drilling technology have good application prospects.
Balanced elliptical motion shaker design applications
In recent years due to the balanced elliptical motion shaker in China cannot meet the requirements of oilfield user higher, especially when foreign cooperation in China cannot be recognized and foreign contractors to adopt import drilling fluid shale shaker. Imports of vibrating screen due to the high price, spare parts supply not in time, services, and many other reasons a directly affects our country further co-operation with foreign countries. Therefore, using the theory of the drilling fluid shale shaker research advantages developed advanced domestic balanced elliptical motion shaker is particularly urgent and important.
General situation:
Uniaxial ellipse is of inertia vibrating screen. The type of Mongoose PT screen is through single eccentric mass or single vibration motor to achieve the earliest balanced elliptical motion shaker. It is to learn from mine designed with vibrating screen suitable for mine is used as the material screening and points. In the modern drilling fluid shale shaker is eliminated. This type of vibrating screen vibration axis rotation center through the sieve box  has better screening effect but its lose sand slower.
Biaxial inertial linear vibrating screen
This type of vibrating screen has a good sieving performance and large sand transport rate. But the research analysis to know as a result of the linear vibration trajectory regulation the sand stuck is seen on the screen and "screen paste" phenomenon.
Balanced elliptical motion shaker applies motioned elliptical vibration theory to design it into has both the advantages of circle vibrating screen and line screen new type of vibrating screen. Its trajectory is at the entrance of a screen box, the midpoint and outlet are of equal size, elliptical a long axis direction; Direction of rotation of the same elliptical. Its capacity is larger than circle vibrating screen and linear sieve, sieve effect is good, on the screen "screen paste" phenomenon is obvious. Drilling fluid shale shaker is the feature of liquid-solid phase separation speed small sand through sieve rate has better treatment effect. Fast losing sand is of large quantity high production efficiency. (The mesh is not easy to jam always maintain larger screening area.) Can use higher mesh screen capacity is larger than circle vibrating screen and line screen. The parameters of the ellipse can adjust is suitable for different drilling fluid can find out the optimum parameters in order to obtain the best purification efficiency and productivity.

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