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What Does a Decanter Centrifuge Use For?

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The 518 centrifuge is a device, which uses a high rotational speed in order to separate components of different density. This is in most industrial work, wherein solid, liquid and gas are combined into a single separation of a mixture of these different phases are necessary becomes relevant. Decanter centrifuge runny slurry of solid material, and consequently plays a wastewater conduct, chemical, oil and food dispensation industries important role. There are indications that affect the performance and Decanters to follow some design heuristics which is dependent on several factors specific where needs Decanter centrifuge applications.

Decanter centrifuge working principle is based on gravity separation. Obviously, the mechanisms having an advanced density will drop to the lowest of the mixture, the less dense constituent which is suspended above it. It consists of a large magnitude that does not have to spend hours before the mixture can be used to solve a decanter centrifuge to settle within a few seconds, reducing the settling time element. This form allows more rapid separation, controllable results.

The chief application Decanters are many solids separated from the runny on an incessant basis. They can also be used for a variety of industrial washing and drying the solid, such as polystyrene beads, and the supernatant liquid was concentrated to a solid.

Where needs decanter centrifuge ? The answer can be food processing, industrial and biological wastewater treatment, fish processing, and mineral processing and so on.

Decanters are the main types of vertical, horizontal and conveyor / scroll.

Decanters conveyor transporting the rolling or rotating bowl fit, and a solid balance sheet against the wall, pushing them towards the entire beach where solids underflow discharge. Conveyors allow for increased separation efficiency and the amount of feed.

The rotating assembly is mounted vertically on vertical decanters, which support the weight of a single bearing at the bottom or at the top of the suspension. Gear box and bowl from the drive head, which is connected to the suspension frame. Vertical decanter allows high temperature and / or high pressure operation, the orientation and the end of the rotating seal member. However, this makes the device than in the horizontal decanter 518 centrifuge, which opens the non- pressurized and more expensive. Advantages in the transverse vertical plane of the machine, the noise emitted in the production process, due to the smaller vibration is much lower.

In the horizontal decanter 518 centrifuge, as illustrated, the rotating assembly is level with the end of each of the rigid frame, which provides for high pressure applications, the installation of the bearing surface a good seal.

Knitting machine layout mode, the slurry can be introduced at the center of a rotating horizontal cylindrical bowl. Scroll to the discharge end of the solid bowl screw force, as it is collected on the wall. This orientation is the most common design of the industrial implementation.

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