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What Do You Know About the Vacuum Degasser?

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Vacuum degasser is a special equipment deal with gas drilling for the dip. Applicable to all types of facilities, for the restoration of the proportion of mud, mud and stable viscosity performance, reduce drilling costs, a very important role. It also can be used as the high-powered blender.

Use a vacuum degasser vacuum suction, the negative pressure in the vacuum tank area, the atmospheric pressure in the slurry through the suction tube into the hollow shaft of the rotor. Then the window around the hollow shaft, the tank was sprayed wall separating wheel and the action of collision, so that the drilling fluid is separated into a thin layer, immersed in a slurry bubble collapse. The gas escapes through the suction pump and the gas-water separator separated by the separator the gas exhaust pipe discharged into the safety zone. The mud from the impeller can discharge tank.

And there are some of the vacuum degasser features:

1. Suction vacuum pump the slurry into the vacuum tank and the gas is extracted using the vacuum tank, the vacuum pump from two different effects.

2. Under the water ring vacuum pump or shear pump in the course of their work, always in isothermal conditions for explosive gas pumping, safe and reliable performance.

3. Slurry directed through the walls of the rotor -speed window, completely broken bubbles in the slurry, in addition to good gas effect.

4. Main motor bias, the whole lower center of gravity.

5. Belt drive, to avoid the complexity of the reduction mechanism.

6. Separator applications simultaneously without causing water and air is expelled, the exhaust pipe is always smooth. In addition, also to the circulating pump water, saving water.

7. Suction tube into the slurry tank, no gas in the mud soaked circumstances, may use as a high-power blender.

Before installing the pump, the first coupling twist of the hand, be sure to confirm whether there is damage to the pump stuck and other phenomena. If not, the pump is installed in the pump base. Before the pump motor mounting base, the correction should be concentric with the shaft of the motor shaft. Because the motor-powered shaft and the shaft even minimal tilt bearing fever can also cause stark wear and spare parts and other consequences. The corresponding is with the complete border of the coupling.

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