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What Do You Know About the Decanter Centrifuge Characteristics?

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In the Decanter centrifuge characteristics process depends on several process characteristics, e.g., centrifugal, or G-force, the deposition rate and the separation factor, between the drum and the conveyor speed and the difference in the clarity of the liquid discharge.

Centrifugal decanter centrifuge solids separated from the liquid required. This feature is dependent on the radius of the centrifuge and its angular rotation speed. G-force related to the internal gravity and centrifugal acceleration bowl. It is also in favor of maintaining a large G-Force, which will lead to improved separation.

The incidence of the settlement is an important feature of Decanter centrifuge characteristics separation process. The deposition rate is determined by the viscosity of the particle size, particle shape, density and their difference between particles and fluid effects. Characteristic of this process can be improved by using a coagulant. The sedimentation rate is also dependent on the decanter, which takes into account the centrifugal force and gravity separation factor centrifugal force field.

DE-1000 decanter centrifuge installed in a solid portable skid includes two sewage discharge points, ease of installation. All of the rotating assembly components production from 316 corrosion resistance levels and high strength stainless steel alloy materials. Liquid and solid bowl from forging processing and bowl and conveyor center is by the stock of the centrifugal casting. Proportion of high solid loading applications, can apply for 45 HP drive conveyor. In the application of high solid volume and high speed, may also need 45HP hydraulic motor drive the dishes. Big fan - cooled radiator is corrosion resistant, allow trouble-free operation in the hot corrosion environment. 

Differential between the two is the responsibility of the entire settlement Decanters cylinder. Results in the high speed differential sedimentation smaller duration cake, cake thickness is therefore necessary to keep to a minimum to avoid damage to the quality of emissions. Keep a minimum cake thickness also helps to improve the cake dewatering process. For this reason, it is necessary to obtain optimum speed differential to balance cake thickness and quality. ?

All of the above characteristics of the DE-1000 Decanter centrifuge liquid which is dependent on the output rate, which will lead to a higher volume flow rate of the poor clarity of clear liquid. This affects the clarity of the liquid output is another feature of the differential. Therefore, the low -speed differential results in better separation aid clarity. G- force is also in the clarity of the liquid jet has played an important role. High G force results in an increased separation of solid particles from the liquid, and produce a better clarity.

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