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What Can Affect the Decanter Centrifuge?

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Select the required centrifugal separator according to the size and concentration of the suspension ( or emulsion ) of the solid particles, the density of solids and liquids ( liquid or both ) of the difference between the viscosity of the liquid, residue ( or sediment ) features, and the required separation such as a comprehensive analysis, meet the residue ( sludge ) moisture content and the filtrate ( liquid separation ) to clarify the degree requirements, what kind of preliminary selection using a 518 centrifuge. Then press the operating capacity and automation requirements, determine the type and specifications of centrifuges, and finally by the actual experimental verification.

Typically, factors that affect decanter centrifuge performance for containing particles larger than 0.01 mm particle suspension, optional filter 518 centrifuge; for small particles in suspension or compressible deformation, are advised to use centrifuge; for suspensions containing low solids, tiny particles and for liquid clarity requirement is high, should be used in separating machine.

Centrifuges future trends will be reinforced separation performance, the development of large-scale centrifuge improve dumping slag agencies, increased private and combinations drum 518 centrifuge , separating strengthen theoretical study and research centrifuge process optimization control technology.

Development of large centrifuges, mainly to increase the use of double-sided drum diameter and make investments to improve the processing capacity per unit volume of material handling equipment, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Theoretical research, the main drum fluid flow conditions and residue formation mechanism, study calculated the minimum separation and processing capabilities.

Filtration centrifuges and factors that affect Decanter centrifuge performance rely mainly on increasing drum diameter to expand the face of the drum circumference; separator drum circumferential wall in addition, there are additional face, such as the disc separator discs and Chamber inner tube separator and significantly increases the sedimentation face.

Furthermore, the more the suspension of solid particles, the more difficult the separation rules, filtrate or fine particles entrained in the separated liquid will increase in this case, the centrifugal separator require a higher separation factor can be effectively separated; suspension liquid viscosity and slows down the speed of separation ; density suspensions or emulsions of the components of the difference is large, the centrifugal sedimentation advantageously, the suspension was centrifuged with the components not required density difference.

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