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What Are the Main Parts of the Decanter Centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge plays an important role in various industries, such as food industry, oil industry and biochemistry industry. It seems that without decanter centrifuge, these industries cannot be work freely anymore. And all these dramatic situations are depended on the advantages of the decanter centrifuge. We cannot deny that decanter centrifuge has its breathtaking specificity in numerous different kinds of centrifuge.

The first advantage of the decanter centrifuge is that decanter centrifuge can completely separate different materials at the same time that it would not spread any odor which is too disgusted to smell. As a result, main parts the industry can have amazing efficiency while the workers would have a comfortable working environment. What’s more, the device can be easily install regardless of the skill of the installer, which means that industry do not need spend money to incubate a worker to especially install the decanter centrifuge. At the same time, the decanter centrifuge can also fast start and shut down. It is so convenient! Last but not least, you can efficiently increase the optimism of the separation effect. And you can also separate different solids at the same time according to the variables.

From the advantages of the decanter centrifuge, a question may come up to your mind. Why can decanter centrifuge have a wonderful effect of separation and cost saving? This is all because of its amazing main parts which contribute to the separation work.

There are roughly six parts in the DE-1000 Decanter centrifuge. Feed chute, separator, and water supply system, screening system, homogenization system and circulatory system. Feed chute is designed for the workers to easily feed in the materials which are needed to separate while separator is the most important part of the decanter centrifuge. All the separation of the materials happens in this part. When the separation rotates, the materials would gradually be parted on the basis of the different gravity. When we speed up the rotation, the effect of separation will increase till a crisis point. Then the water supply system is used to provide water into the separator and help the separator to further part some materials with similar gravity. And the homogenization system is especially important in construction industry. The different materials should homogenize to use rather than totally separated. For appealing for the green policy and the aim to decrease the cost of the making process, the circulatory system cannot be ignored. The circulatory system is utilized to reuse the materials to further separation in order to save the waste in the progress.

There is no denying that the dramatic main parts of the decanter centrifuge are the most important reason why the decanter centrifuge is quite useful. Thanks to creative design of the different parts and the good cooperation of the main parts, the decanter centrifuge becomes most vital part in the development of the industry. With the decanter centrifuge, your process would be cost-saving and efficient. So why not to order the decanter centrifuge for your industry? Hurry up, it is waiting for you.

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