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What Are the Horizontal Degasser Features?

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Deaerator is used to remove the gas invasion of drilling fluid in the process of drilling, dedicated drilling fluid handling equipment. As Mud cleaner can remove the Mud, and it can quickly and effectively remove drilling fluid contained in the gas (air), deaerator to restore the drilling fluid density, prevent potential blowout, borehole collapse risk plays an important role. Usually, the desander is equipped with liquid gas separator and vacuum degasser 2 kind of desecrators; desecrators are with Mud cleaner used together. Big bubbles of liquid-gas separator which used for removal of drilling fluid (air bubble diameter about between 3 ~ 25 mm), vacuum degassing is used to clear away the small bubbles in the drilling fluid (air bubble diameter less than 3 mm).

Horizontal degasser features and working principle are: the vacuum pump in the vacuum tank form a vacuum, gas invasion of drilling fluid circulating tank, under the action of negative pressure pipeline imports from the slots into the top of the vacuum tank and in the upper trough two lower side even have 2 pieces of baffle, gas drilling fluid from the damper to rank, distribution on the tilted baffle opening, form a thin fluid layer, the thickness of mud layer in 3.2 ~ 9.5 mm, most of the bubbles can escape from thin layer drilling fluid surface and fracture. More horizontal degasser features: the emergence of gases from the drilling fluid through the vacuum pump installed on the vacuum tank, the gas export pipeline discharge outside the vacuum tank. At the same time, degassing of drilling fluid into the vacuum tank after the bottom of the tank, the vacuum tank at the bottom of the drilling fluid outlet. Through the jet pump discharge to the drilling fluid circulating in the system.

The horizontal vacuum tank horizontal degasser features is that only depend on the tank bottom groove of a floating ball of the drilling fluid to ensure that the vacuum tank liquid level height. Floating ball and installation in three valve connection outside the vacuum tank, tank drilling fluid volume increases will float, the drilling fluid level rises to a certain height, three under the drive of floating ball valve is opened, the air into the vacuum tank, the vacuum degree of vacuum tank is reduced, drawdown drilling fluid, drilling fluid absorption reduction. Horizontal degasser features: when drilling fluid level drops to a location, floating ball drive three valve closed, higher vacuum degree of vacuum tank, increase the drilling fluid of uptake, drilling fluid level rises, float up, began to repeat the adjustment process. Floating ball is the key parts of the liquid level adjustment, the floating ball and three valve vacuum degrees of vacuum tank and common action on the surface of the drilling fluid regulation.

With SwAC0 horizontal tank vacuum degasser, compared to the liquid level control system of the improved horizontal degasser features: reliable, work stability, liquid level height and the decanter centrifuge degree of vacuum tank can be set in advance, not escape of harmful gas in the drilling fluid from the valve core through, won't corrode valve core, ensure good sealing the spherical valve core. Through a complete set of equipment maintenance, maintenance and improvement, in view of the horizontal degasser features the factory test. The equipment stable starting, normal running and outgassing, unobstructed, tank vacuum degree within the scope of the set, vacuum tank of drilling liquid level can be adjusted according to need, this is one of the most important horizontal degasser features.

SWACO horizontal tank vacuum degasser repair and improvement of liquid level control system is when making improvement structure scheme, considering the characteristics of natural gas prone to corrosion parts, by adjusting control structure does not directly contact with gas, achieved good using effect, extend the service life of the regulating mechanism, these are horizontal degasser features. SwACO horizontal tank vacuum degasser and improved liquid level control system in terms of control, or in life, reach the use requirement. By understanding horizontal degasser features, can help us make better use of a vacuum degasser.

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