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What Are the Factors That Affect Mud Cleaner Performance?

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It is necessary to install a mud cleaner, from drilling fluid used in their relocation, because of the invasion of gas could affect the mud properties, cause potential safety hazard; affect the service life of some of the equipment.

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Mud cleaner demanders and desolater combinations, including the decanter, desalted, pressure pump, cyclone, underflow trough, the transition of the vibrating screen, support and basis.

Mud demander and deciliter, king cobra screen has treated the overflow is returned to the mud system, at the bottom of the flow will be more by vibrating screen. If needed, you can use the clean vibrating screen vibrating screen as the primary classes. King cobra screen machinery used mud cleaner of the most advanced manufacturing technology to ensure that the production performance of drilling mud cleaner, maintenance.

Mud cleaner is a kind of special-purpose oil drilling solids control tackle and the novel one for the drilling fluid system. To take off the angry machine can get rid of all kinds of gas drilling fluid invasion of drill quickly. Drilling mud cleaner is used to return to the mud weight, stable slurry viscosity, king cobra screen reduce the drilling cost is very important. In addition, at the same time oil vacuum takes off angry machine can be used as a heavy dynamic mixer and support are applicable to all types of drilling mud purification system. The structure of drilling vacuum degassing device design is scientific and reasonable.

Factors that affect mud cleaner performance

1. Independent units, without the need for a centrifugal pump feedstuff drilling mud drilling watery.

2. Eliminate corrosion and reduce compensation and maintenance costs.

3. Short size, can be installed in a smaller space.

Drilling fluid degassing device can be used as a blender of drilling mud, which helps to treat demander and drilling mud drilling fluid based on the factors that affect mud cleaner performance

Mud will be recycled and king cobra screen debris that is greater than the mud will be deleted. Then in the debris flow into the circulation mud tank bottom flow through the weighted mud when drilling mud cleaner screen through, rather than the mesh of particles will be removed.

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