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Bid News: WestPetro won the bid of Mud Cleaner, Vacuum Degasser and Shale Shaker

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It’s really a good beginner for a new week’s work, for at the head of this working week, WestPetro got the news that we have won the bid of 1 mud cleaner, 1 vacuum degasser and one shale shaker. To be frank, this is not a big PO, while it is not a small one. The point is that we have a good starter for a new working week.

WestPetro Mud Cleaner

This solid control equipment is for Thailand oil Service Company, who has keep in touch with each other for over 45 days, luckily, we get it finally. After we got the news that we have won the bid, we know that the service for this partner just begins, and we are sure that we can provide high quality solid control system and solid control equipment, the same with high quality full service, such as on-site installation services, especially for the mud cleaner, which needs our professional staff to finish it. Of course, the installation for solid control system is more complex than the mud cleaner.

WestPetro Vacuum Degasser

Just as you can see as below, the mentioned above of this Thailand PO are WestPetro mud cleaner, vacuum degasser and shale shaker, which are WestPetro important solid control equipment, and you can find more details information on the channel of Products of this site.

WestPetro Shale Shaker

Last but not least, WestPetro as the professional solid control manufacturer in China plays a leadership role among the rivals. WestPetro win the marketing via our high quality products and High quality full service. If you are interested in WestPetro vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, shale shaker, or some other solid control equipment, such as sand pump, decanter centrifuge, shaker screen, etc., or even the whole solid control system, please feel free to contact us for more details.
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