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We Should Know More About Stake Sizer

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The following are the all aspects of the stack sizer .

The brief introduction of the stake sizer

Do you know that nowadays when people talked about the equipment, they redefine its concepts of efficient, fine particle wet screening? There is no doubt that people give highly praise for it. Why? Because no screening machine had such high capacity in a small amount of floor space except the stake sizer. The screening machine consists of five individual decks. These decks are positioned one above another, but they are operated in parallel. At present, with this different combination, the screening becomes more practical than ever before. They are updated regularly. And also now thousands of those machines are used for mineral processing plants all around the world and them all earn significant returns.

The advantages of the stake sizer

The machine is not very large which saves floor space and installment costs. In that way we can save lots of money;

It is in high separation efficiency that increases the quality of the products, and reduces the variability, also improves downstream processes;

The sizer is very durable and we can ensure the quality ;

As we all know, the machine has low dynamic load which minimizes structural requirements;

Most importantly it has low operating costs and it is easy to operate and maintain;

We all can trust for the machine because according to my survey, it has durable high quality construction that can be put into use for a longer year than other kinds of machines.

The operation principles of the stake sizer

As I am mentioned on above, it has five individual screen decks which positioned one above one and operate in parallel. The single or multiple stage system splits the feed slurry to each machine and then to the decks. In order to easy observation during the operation, easy access for maintenance and replacement of screen surface, people offer ample space between each of the decks. In the same way, each screen deck has an oversize collection pan; it discharges to a single hopper with a common outlet.

The application areas of the stake sizer

The machine is applied in wild places around the world. According to the introduction of the stake sizer, it is useful in many industry places. And also the sizers have many different types. When you go to buy the sizer, you should describe carefully. Such as, what do you want to do with the sizer, the size about the sizer and so on? These are all very important in order not buy wrong products. I hope now you can know more about that kind of machine, and have interest in it.

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